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Compare The Best Forex Brokers in Singapore:

Broker Type Min Deposit Bonus Free Demo

eToro Singapore


 Investment Network $50 Free $20 Yes etoro review



Forex Broker $100 $1,200 Yes avafx review

anyoption broker


Binary Options $200 Yes Yes easy-forex review
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How to Invest in Stock Market in Singapore.

profits-618372_640Hi, today I will share with you a little secret that will help you understand how to invest in stock market! Just to make you understand that you will not find here super advisers or secret techniques to trade stocks and other financial markets This post will be useful specifically for people who do not expect to find an easy way to earn money investing in stocks and ready for a hard work. First of all before you invest in stock market, you need to learn about it. If you continue to read this article, you will discover what can help you become a good stocks investor in Singapore and accelerate your profits in the stock market! Continue reading

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Singapore Investor. How to Develop A Good Investment Strategy?

executive-461649_640How to become a successful investor in Singapore? What methods and strategies are the best investors using, what are their secrets and whether there are some at all? How not to give up and not to lose confidence in your investment skills?

In this article, along with a famous psychologist Dr. Van Tharp we will try to find out the best investing approaches, plans, management and strategies. Does a perfect strategy really exist? Perhaps you need to be born as an investor rather than become one? Continue reading

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Binary Options in Singapore. How to Trade Binary Options

binary options singaporeAs any financial trading, the main principle of binary options trading is to predict the market’s movement and choosing the right trading asset.

If you are an experienced Singapore trader and familiar with financial markets, choosing a right asset to trade, won’t be a problem. You should choose an asset that you are sure to bring your profits. For beginner traders, I suggest to study the market before you start trading. Read financial news during a week and watch the most popular assets. Continue reading

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Forex Factory Economic Calendar As The Best Trading Tool For A Forex Trader

news_forex3Every Forex trader must consider using an economic calendar in his/her Forex trading.

The Forex Factory Economic Calendar ( shows the release time of all important economic news in different countries, that play a significant role in world’s economy. The calendar indicates the exact time of each news release and its influence on the Forex market. ForexFactory economic calendar is a great indicator for a fundamental analysis and news trading strategy. Continue reading

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