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3 Currencies That You Should Invest In.

best currencies to invest inHi my dear fellow traders. We do not often talk about fundamental analysis on this website, however, as the example of the Ruble and the US Dollar pairs last year show, we cannot have a complete picture of the Forex market without the fundamental analysis. In this article, we will talk about three currencies that you should pay attention on in the coming years, as they will grow and may grow very strong.

The US dollar and the Euro are doomed.

Why is that? Because in addition to the fact that their countries are showing slow progress, they are still burdened with debilitating debt; they were victims of a huge increase in the money supply. Read more ›

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Who Would I Copy?

quill-175980_640Recently I have analyzed the eToro network of traders and investors and would like to share with you my insights on the best traders you can copy to diversify your trading portfolio and increase your chances for profits.

eToro is an investment network that combines both savvy investors and those who want to make extra income in financial markets by using the knowledge of the gurus.

If you are beginner in the Forex trading, this is your best chance to learn from the professional traders by following and copying their trading actions. Read more ›

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What is Volatility in the Forex Market and How to Benefit From it.

volatility in the Forex market and how to benefit from itHello my dear Forex traders from Singapore and other great places. Today we will talk about volatility in the Forex market. In this post we will discuss what volatility is, what depends on volatility of the market and most important – how we can use this data to build and improve our own trading strategies and as a result, make higher profits from trading.

What is volatility?

Volatility is a change in the price range from maximum to minimum during a trading day, week or month. The higher the volatility, the higher is the range within the trading time period. Many traders believe that this is the reason of taking high risks when trading the Forex market, but on the other hand you have more chances to make higher profits. Read more ›

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Making Money On The Stock Market

making money on stock marketOnline trading or stock market trading is one of the most common and old ways of making money in the internet. Online trading includes Forex (currency trading), stocks, bonds, shares, futures and other financial instruments.

The basic principle of making money on stock market is to buy cheaper and sell more expensive.

Accordingly, a trader is a person engaged in trading in the stock market has a certain goal – to increase his capital by investing into financial markets.

Buying stocks or currencies is done through a broker. A broker is a middleman who takes a commission for its services. Read more ›

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A Simple Forex Trading Strategy Jarroo That You Will Like.

Forex trading strategy Jarroo. A simple trading strategy for any trader.Hello my dear traders! It is not secret that one of the most popular trading strategies among professional traders in the Forex market is Price Action.

However, Price Action strategy may seem too complicated for novice traders mainly because of the large number of conditions and rules.

Today we will look at a trading strategy called Jarroo which is based on a Price Action strategy. The Jarroo Forex strategy has some interesting features: a different way to identify key price levels, simplified definition of entrance and exit levels.

Even if you are trading profitably using the Price Action strategy, I still recommend you to pay attention to its simplified version called Jarroo. Read more ›

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