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An Effective Binary Options Trading Strategy “Hedging”.

Binary options trading strategy called Hedging. Learn how to trade binary optionsI am sure that every trader is familiar with hedging when you buy and sell two or three assets in order to not lose on the value of any of them. In other words, opening trading positions in different directions in order to reduce the losses in case of one asset decreases or increases in price compared to another one (for example, the USD vs EUR). Hedging helps you preserve the value of an asset and avoid losing its value compared to the second one. Sounds a bit confusing, but in practice it is much easier.

Today we will talk about a binary options trading strategy called “Hedging”, which is the best when trading through a broker StockPair. Why is it the best through this broker? Let’s take a brief look at its main advantages:

StockPair is a binary options broker that provides a simple but functional binary options trading platform. Read more ›

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Day Trading For Dummies

Day Trading For DummiesWhat is day trading? Day trading is a trading approach in the Forex market where trading positions are not carried over to the next day. Means that a day trader opens and closes all his or her trading positions within one day. According to the resent researches the majority of Forex traders in Singapore and other countries are mainly use this trading approach when trading Forex market online.

Perhaps the main reason why most of traders are using day trading approach in Forex because it doesn’t require much capital, since in order to generate good profits using day trading you just need to open a lot of trades with relatively high leverage. In addition, new traders believe that it is much easier to trade the Forex market within a day and count the profits by the end of the day than waiting days or even weeks looking for a good trading opportunity. Read more ›

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Stock Market Basics. 10 Rules Of Successful Stock Trading

basics of stock tradingWhen traders are spending too much time analyzing the market, especially when applying technical analysis, they often forget about why this analysis is needed. After all, the main goal of any participant in the stock market is in the stock market basics: make money by selling expensive and buying cheap.

When a trader has a dozen technical indicators and chart patterns in his head, it is likely that some of them predict a fall, others – growth, and others – no change at all. A trader can get confused and misled by such information. (Do not think that I have anything against technical indicators and analysis, in some cases they can save the situation and make you lots of money.) Read more ›

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Want To Succeed In Forex Trading? Start Thinking Differently

Hello my dear Singapore Forex traders. Being social creatures and living in a community, most of us have similar instincts and desires. Therefore in some situations our actions and reactions on the same things might be similar to other people. Besides psychologists say that our behavior usually reflects the behavior of others.

This is a simple psychology and this is the way the world lives. But for a person who wants to become a successful Forex trader, this is a bad news. Read more ›

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How to Start Investing in 6 Simple Steps

how to start investing onlineIn this article we will talk about some questions that every beginner investor or online trader asks. How not to lose money investing in financial markets, what first steps you need to do before you start investing, how to get ready for investing, how to calculate your investment and predict the market.

So you’ve decided to become an investor and increase your capital. Congratulations! You took absolutely the right decision. And very soon you will start feeling the taste of investing and get addicted to this fascinating and very important business. Read more ›

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