The Best Forex Brokers in Singapore:

Broker Type Min Deposit Bonus Free Demo
eToro Singapore  Investment Network $50 Yes Yes etoro review
avatradelogo Forex Broker $100 $1,200 Yes avafx review
anyoption broker Binary Options $200 Yes Yes easy-forex review

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How to Start Investing in 6 Simple Steps

how to start investing onlineIn this article we will talk about some questions that every beginner investor or online trader asks. How not to lose money investing in financial markets, what first steps you need to do before you start investing, how to get ready for investing, how to calculate your investment and predict the market.

So you’ve decided to become an investor and increase your capital. Congratulations! You took absolutely the right decision. And very soon you will start feeling the taste of investing and get addicted to this fascinating and very important business. Read more ›

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10 Tips for A Novice Currency Exchange Singapore Trader.

baby-102475_640A beginner currency exchange trader is very enthusiastic and often anticipates making huge profits for a short time of trading. Only a few novice Singapore traders show rationality and ask themselves a question, “Why there are so many traders, but only few of them are really profitable?”

In this article we will talk about the path of a novice trader and try to help him avoid some mistakes. Read more ›

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How to Make Income Investing?

income investingIf you are interested in generating extra income online, investing might be of a great help. What would you say about making extra $500, $2000 or even $10,000 a month in addition to your regular job. Or what about quitting your job and focusing on the investing income only?

In this short presentation below you will see how to make income investing. Read more ›

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What Is the Psychology of Investing And How To Manage It?

psyche-518161_640They say that online trading and investment is all about psychology. Humane psychology is the reason why more than 90% of all investors do not succeed making profits on a regular basis. Is it really so? Lets make some research in psychology of investing and what are the main psychological obstacles that prevent many investors from being successful.


One of the main problems for each investor is fighting the risks. Everyone knows the main rule of a successful investment strategy: cut your losses and let your profits grow, but in reality only a few investors actually perform it, and this is just a matter of psychology! Read more ›

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How to Invest in Stock Market in Singapore.

profits-618372_640Hi, today I will share with you a little secret that will help you understand how to invest in stock market! Just to make you understand that you will not find here super advisers or secret techniques to trade stocks and other financial markets This post will be useful specifically for people who do not expect to find an easy way to earn money investing in stocks and ready for a hard work. First of all before you invest in stock market, you need to learn about it. If you continue to read this article, you will discover what can help you become a good stocks investor in Singapore and accelerate your profits in the stock market! Read more ›

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