Our Successful Binary Options Trading Strategy with Anyoption broker

anyoption234x60Trading binary options became more popular among Singapore traders during the last few years. We have got some requests from our visitors to write about a good trading strategy with binary options. In this article we will describe a binary options

trading strategy with the broker Anyoption using their trading mode Option+. We are happy to respond to the request of our readers as we also often trade in the mode of Option+ and we think that this is an excellent tool to minimize the possible risks and almost always close the deal with a profit.

The main difference between Option+ and the traditional binary options trading is that when making a deal, a trader at any time may request Anyoption to provide a price at which the broker is ready to buy the option back. Thus in contrast to the traditional binary options trading, you can close the deal before the official execution of the option.

Let’s look at the advantages of this binary options trading strategy. First of all as we mentioned before it helps to minimize the risks. For example, if you have predicted the growth of oil price and your prediction was correct for some time, however, you notice that the market is changing and there is a big chance that by the time of the option expiration your forecast will not be true, in this case you can sell the option back to the broker and get a profit from it. Of course this profit will be lower than if you waited for the execution in case of the correct forecast, but it is undeniably better than losing 85% in case of incorrect forecasts at the time of expiration.

Here is the example of our binary options trading strategy that we recently have developed using the Option+. Having invested $100 in half an hour we received $155 back, while if we saw that the market is turning, we could close the deal and get $114 instead, thus we would still be in profit.

Step 1. We went to the section Option+ and select an asset we preferred to trade.

Step 2. We have chosen the call option (i.e. we predicted the increase of the price) and put into the box an amount we wished to invest in order to buy an option ($100 in our case). Notice that before we got the contract we have been notified how much we will earn in case of the correct prediction and how much we will get back in case if our forecast is wrong. Thus if you are not satisfied with anything at this point, you can always refuse the deal.

Shortly after the opening of the transaction we noticed that the market reached its maximum level and perhaps soon it was going to reverse. At this moment we asked for the price at which the broker anyoption was ready to buy the option back from us. We were offered $114.

In general in order to minimize the risk we could agree on the offer and accept it making sure that we earn at least something. But we saw that the market is calm and was not going to make a significant change during the short time left before the option expiration. Thus we decided to wait for the time of the execution and get the maximum profit. When the transaction was closed we updated the page and saw that our Anyoption account showed $155. We earned $55 net profit for less than half an hour at the most minimal risk!

We highly recommend this binary options trading strategy using the Option+ trading mode available at Anyoption broker. It works great for both newbie and experienced Singapore traders. Good luck!


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