Three simple and successful Binary Options trading strategies

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Below we list 3 simple strategies for trading Binary Options

anyoption234x601. This is a simple binary options strategy for beginners and is suitable for traders with little budget. There is some risk there but if you apply it properly in your binary options trading it can increase your investment in several times within one day. The main principle of the strategy is that you can buy Anyoption binary options 5 minutes before their end. If you see that a particular asset was moving in one direction for a long time, the probability that it will change its direction in the next 5 minutes is low. Pick up the options that have recently changed strictly in one direction, and buy them 5 minutes before the end. If the graph is constantly rising click «CALL» (buy). If the graph was getting down press «PUT» (down) We recommend you to choose the graphs where the trend is constant and smooth. Visit Anyoption website>>

2. This is a binary options strategy with high opportunity of profitability. This strategy does not allow earning too much but its advantage is that the risks are low. In bad circumstances you can lose no more than 15%. The strategy is that during the entire day you make just one or two investments. For example at the beginning of the trading day you buy options ending at about 8:00 GMT. At about 7.50 GMT see how things are going in the market. If everything is fine and you gain, you can only wait for the option to expire. If you see that the situation is not in your favor, then immediately make a short investment in another direction for the same amount. In such a situation you can not lose more than 15% of your balance. This trading strategy works with all binary options brokers. Visit Anyoption website>>

3. Martingale Strategy. This is a more complex strategy and requires more funds in your balance, but it works very good. What you need to do is to buy a binary option of any currency pair in the amount of $1. If you win, fine. If you lose than you buy the options for the same currency pair but for twice larger price – $2. If you win, you start from the beginning. If you loose again, than buy the next option for $4. And so on. Once you gain, your profit will cover the losses of the previous trades. This trading strategy also can be used with any binary options broker.

Important rules to trade binary options successfully:

Never make bets counting on your luck, by doing that you can quickly loose all your deposit. In order to avoid it, follow a certain strategy for trading binary options. Using a certain binary options trading strategy any Singapore trader can make good money with binary options.

Every binary options trading strategy allows some draw down of the deposit. For that reason it is not necessary to invest all your money to a single option. You should have enough funds that would allow you to make 8-10 investments into binary options.

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  1. Luisa Gomez says:


    I think that one of the best ways to invest our money are binary options, because with these we can win not only when it rises, but also when the market lower.


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