Use this economic calendar to be updated with all important financial events and news that influence the market:

Economic calendar as an important tool for every Forex trader.

Before opening a trading position in the Forex market it is always good to check the economic calendar if any important news are expected, in order to avoid unpredictable market movements.

Many Singapore Forex traders trade exclusively on the news basing on the fundamental analysis of the market.

Important Forex news:

Discount rate is the percentage by which a central bank gives credits to other banks.

Gross National Product is the value of all goods produced by a country for a certain time period.

Balance of Payment may be positive or negative, shows the ratio of imports and exports.

Consumer Price Index (CPI) indicates the inflation. Shows how much the price for goods and services has changed.

New Residential Sales. How many new homes were sold in the United States of America.

Speech of the head of the Federal Reserve System. Important news might be said.

Initial Jobless Claims. Unemployment data and how many job applications were submitted for the time period.

Parliament or president elections.

If the data of the country indicator is more or less predictable, then you can expect a rise or fall of the currency rate.

Let us discuss some concepts related to the fundamental analysis and economic calendar of a trader.

Economic Calendar of a Trader
Is a basis for any Forex trader working with the fundamental analysis. The economic calendar is also widely used by the fans of a technical analysis, because the major news release is always a moment that changes the situation on the market. Therefore, any Forex Singapore trader must start his day by looking at the economic calendar, and adjust his trading for the big news.

Economic indicators
Include a variety of indexes and indicators showing the state of the economy of a country or a group of countries. Economic indicators come out weekly, monthly or quarterly. The market is always waiting for a release of important economic news, and usually reacts to them. For example, in case of a difference between a forecast and a released indicator the currency rate may have a sharp and unpredictable movement.

Economic factors
Include a large number of components, one way or another connected with the country’s economy, and thus have a direct impact on the currency pair rates. Economic indicators are also related to economic factors. Examples of economic factors: results of the meetings of G8 and of Central Banks (CB), Central Bank currency intervention, government speech, etc. Learn about main economical factors that move the markets

Key Economic Indicators
The primary or main economic indicators include interest rates, gross national product (GNP), the country’s trade balance, consumer price index (inflation) rate of employment (unemployment), rate of sales of new houses. The data usually comes out on a monthly or quarterly basis.

We recommend any Singapore Forex trader always use the economic calendar in his Forex trading. It will help you stay updated of important developments in the market and protect your trades from unpredictable and risky movements.

Learn about these popular economical indicators:

Japaneese Index Tankan

Unemployment Rate

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