Can eToro Be A Good Investment Opportunity?

 Looking for the best way to make your money work for you?! Today financial markets provide great investment opportunities that allow people with or without financial knowledge and trading experience invest funds in currencies, stocks, indices, commodities, etc. On this site we will help find the best investment ideas and will show you how to invest your money the same way as professional traders do.

Today many people try themselves in Forex, Stocks and other financial markets trading. In order to trade by yourself you need to analyze graphs, be updated in the events and news of the world’s economy and finance. Unfortunately trading is not an easy job and involves high risk of losing money if you don’t know what you are doing.

If you one of those people who is looking for the best investment opportunity of your funds and would like to have a long term passive income, eToro would be a great solution for you.

What Is eToro?

eToro is a social investment network that unites both beginner and experienced traders and investors in one financial community eToro OpenBook. It is absolutely transparent and open and gives anyone an easy and free access to all trading data of each real money trader of eToro. The company gains its popularity every day that leads to its tremendous growth and has recently reached 2.5 million users!

eToro is dedicated to give the best services to its customers and provides a great support, trading platforms, website and online materials in different languages.

Today you don’t need to look for a best Forex broker in order to invest funds. For this you have eToro and its huge network of great traders who can trade for you. Watch the video below about eToro:

How Does eToro Work?

In eToro you can link your trading account with the best performers using eToro CopyTrader tool and they will trade for you automatically. Finding the best performing traders in eToro investment network is simple:

1. Visit the ranking page and set the report for certain time period, for example last 6 months.

2. Then search for the users who have the highest and regular gain during this period. You can easily find traders who earn from 50% to 200% profit during this time period. It is important to mention that all users you find in eToro network are REAL users that you can contact, see their profile, follow and copy.

3. Once you find the successful traders or gurus, you can link them to your trading account clicking on a “Copy” button and the system will automatically copy each trading position they do. You can split the whole balance of your trading account between many gurus in order to diversify your portfolio.

4. Now you can lean back and watch your money grow. Don’t forget to monitor your gurus. Make sure that they continue doing a good job and make your profits. If you don’t like someones’ performance in your portfolio, you can easily replace him/her with another good performing trader from eToro’s network.

Below is the example of a successful real eToro user profile that you might  want to copy and let him trade for you. You can see that this trader “aakey1” constantly makes profit with a total gain of 89% for the last 6 months. Where else can you invest your funds with 89% interest in 6 month!


What Do Real Users Say About eToro?

Before you join any Forex broker or financial company you need to make sure that it is legit, regulated and has positive feedbacks of the users. There are a lot of illegible companies over there that are just looking for their users to lose in order to grab their investments.

According to our own experience and making some researches, eToro is a legitimate and regulated company. It has full regulation and licenses in all parts of the world. The company is operating since 2006 and has positive feedbacks throughout the web. eToro’s users are happy with the company’s services, support and operation. Withdrawals are smooth and always done on time, customer support is quick, helpful and professional.

I take this opportunity to thank the eToro’s personnel to offer us this great opportunity in life. The fact that, we, small investors, can play the big leagues through your platform is amazing. Stevus, Canada (From eToro’s official website)

I have been involved in a number of forex trading systems, they each cost a lot of money, with no results. When I stumbled upon etoro, I couldn’t believe it was free to join. Everything about the site leaves the others I previously joined for dead. I would recommend this site to anyone. Mitchell, Australia (From FXEMPIRE)

I have started using eToro now for about 3 weeks. I have never traded before and never used any other brokers. All I can say based on my experience with eToro and from what I have read online, is that I am glad that I am using eToro. I can see why World Finance Magazine voted them most innovative trading platform in 2010. Dr Shaun Hutchinson (From DailyForex)

What Else Should You Know About eToro?

eToro is free and anyone can join and start using its services immediately in both demo and real trading accounts. The minimu deposit is only $50. Different payment methods are available for funding and withdrawing: Credit Cards, Paypal, Wire Transfer, Skrill, Neteller, etc. As a new user you might be asked to verify your trading account by sending a copy of your ID and a utility bill.

eToro has different promotions and offers free real money gift cards to the real trading account. Currently you can get a free $20 gift card to your trading account upon your registration without any deposit. Thus if you are still doubting weather to join eToro or not, you can try it with a free $20 in your real account (you can withdraw the profit generated with this money according to the company’s withdraw policy).

Some  free gift cards upon your deposit are also available. For example for funding your trading account with $1000 you will get a free $100 Gift Card and will have total $1100 in your account’s balance.

Click Here to Join eToro and Claim Your Free $20 Gift Card Now.

Does It Really Work?

eToro is the best financial company we have ever tried. Its services are unique and they do their best to make their users happy and profitable. eToro’s great product, openness and full transparency is exactly what other financial companies and Forex brokers are missing.

The company opened the markets to everyone giving you the opportunity to profit and trade socially using the wisdom and trading skills of the best traders.


4 comments on “Can eToro Be A Good Investment Opportunity?
  1. Andrew says:

    Thank you. Etoro sounds like a good chance for investment. I wish I learned about it earlier. Thank you again for sharing this great opportunity to earn extra income.

  2. Maria says:

    Wow, I nether thought that it is possible. Thank you for telling us about etoro. Does it mean that the best traders can trade Forex for me and make me profits? Is it for free?

  3. admin says:

    Hi Maria,
    eToro’s services are free. You don’t pay any fees for using eToro CopyTrader and letting others trade for you. In eToro Network you can choose the top performing traders and copy what they do automatically. Visit eToro and you will see how simple it is:


  4. Chu Hen says:

    I joined eToro a week ago and did as you said. It is really amazing how simple it is to earn by just copying the best etoro traders. I split my deposit of $1000 between 5 traders I copy. Each one has his own trading strategy and grows in different pace. In a week I made total about 10% of my investment, so it is about $100 of an absolutely passive work from my site.

    Each day I log in to my account to check how these gurus are doing. My history is full of green (positively closed) positions. Long Live eToro!!!

    If it goes so good for another few weeks, I will add more funds to my account.

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