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Forex Factory Economic Calendar As The Best Trading Tool For A Forex Trader

Every Forex trader must consider using an economic calendar in his/her Forex trading. The Forex Factory Economic Calendar ( shows the release time of all important economic news in different countries, that play a significant role in world’s economy. The calendar

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Index Tankan – One of the Most Important Japanese Economical Forex Indicator

Japanese trading session is very important and powerful in Forex trading. Asian economy including Singapore is very influenced by Japan. Singapore Forex traders should pay much attention on the Japanese economical news and Forex indicators. Index Tankan is one of

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Economical Factors That Cause A Currency Price Changes

As economical factors show a level of country’s development, they have a direct influence on the rates of a national currency. There are main economical factors and events that every Forex trader working with the fundamental analysis must know and

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The Unemployment Rate in Forex Trading

The unemployment rate is the most important macro-economic indicators in Forex trading that is used in the Fundamental analysis of the market and can be found in the economical calendar. The situation of the labor market has a considerable influence

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Most Important Fundamental Factors That Influence EUR/USD

EUR/USD is the most traded currency pair among the traders from all the corners of the world including Singapore. As Europe and USA are the biggest world economical zones, there are many factors influencing EUR/USD currency pair that make it

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