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Free Forex Software – What Is The Most Popular Free FX Software Today?

What is the best free software for Forex trading? What free Forex software can provide you with the best possible forecasts and analyzes to trade Forex successfully? Is there a forex automatic trading software that does not require programming skills to work with it?

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Day Trading Forex Strategy

  Many forex market traders begin their path to success with daytrading. There are many reasons for that, and the main thing is that the forex daytrading strategy is a very common and popular form of trading. Why traders choose a short-term

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False breakouts of the important levels in Forex trading

For many traders who use technical analysis in their Forex trading platforms a breakdown of an important level is a signal to enter the market. Unfortunately, very often such a breakdown is false, and after reaching a top point the

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Forex Trend Trading Strategy: Simple and Safe

Statistics say that 90% of all traders are losing in Forex. In this article we will talk about the safest way of Forex trading using a trend following strategy. Novice traders may often hear from more experienced Singapore Forex traders

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How Much Time Do You Spend on Forex Charts’ Analysis?

Today we are so busy with work, family and other staff, that sometimes we don’t realize that we spend time on unnecessary things leaving the more important things aside. Every Singapore Forex trader knows that in order to trade Forex

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