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Wave Analysis: The First Steps To Understanding Forex Prices Movements

Wave analysis is the basic part of the technical analysis of the Forex market. In the basis of the wave analysis is the concept of the wave itself. Look at the Forex price chart of any currency pair. What do

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Fundamental Analysis: The Index of Real Estate as an Economic Indicator

Whether you are trading Forex in Singapore or any other part of the world, the principals of trading and market analysis stay the same. In this article we will discuss one of the most important indicators of Fundamental analysis of

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Technical Analysis As The Most Effective Analysis Of Forex Market

Technical analysis in Forex trading is used to study financial markets with a help of graphs and charts. The target of the technical analysis is to predict future price behavior. As a rule, the price forecasting is based on the

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A Role Of Fundamental Analysis In Forex Trading

All Forex trading courses and training materials always include two large sections: fundamental and technical analysis of Forex market. According to our researches, we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to know about the fundamental analysis, but its

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Forex Market Analysis Tips

Trading Forex is a very sophisticated work. There are many newbie traders in Singapore and other places of the world that underestimate any kind of financial market analysis and think that online trading is as simple as playing casino where

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