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Is it Possible to Predict the Forex Market?

Indeed, there are a lot of debates in Singapore Forex forums on whether the Forex market is random, and to which extent one can predict it. I am not pretend to give a comprehensive answer on this question, the market

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Forex Trading Singapore. How To Make It Work.

In this post I would like to look into the deapths of Forex trading in Singapore and discuss one of the most important questions forex traders ask: how to make it work or in another words how to make your

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The Singapore Method Binary Options Trading

Recently I came across a so called “The Singapore Method” based on trading binary options online. This is an automatic trading system that promises thousands of dollars daily income. Does this system really work or it is just a next

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Is High Frequency Trading Really Works?

High frequency trading is used by many Forex scalpers. One of the main reasons for that is because scalping strategy is based on opening frequent trades within short period of time. Why? Because only excessively high frequency trading and a

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Day Trading For Dummies

What is day trading? Day trading is a trading approach in the Forex market where trading positions are not carried over to the next day. Means that a day trader opens and closes all his or her trading positions within

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