How Much Time Do You Spend on Forex Charts’ Analysis?

singapore forexToday we are so busy with work, family and other staff, that sometimes we don’t realize that we spend time on unnecessary things leaving the more important things aside. Every Singapore Forex trader knows that in order to trade Forex successfully, you need to avoid random decisions and need to carefully analyse the situation and the market in order to make trading profitable. Even if online trading is your main occupation, it can be done in parallel to your other activities. It should not be like “all or nothing” because the Forex market allows us to choose when to trade, so that you can properly schedule your trading hours and have enough time for other things.

You can not ignore the fact that in order to trade Forex effectively, you need to spend a huge amount of time on a constant study of Forex trading, but once you gain the necessary skills and confidence, you will need significantly less time for trading the Forex market. With other words, Forex trading may take time in the beginning and a lot of time before you learn how to analyse the charts, find good patterns and identify those signs that tell you where to place a trade or exit the market.

Sometimes online trading may seem boring to you, but this is only because you just understand, what the markets really are, realizing that Forex trading is not a game, it is a business. Therefore as a forex trader, you need to be serious about this business if you want to succeed and to be determined in your decision. Make sure you devote a certain amount of your time to it. Learn the market, watch their behavior,  see how they react on different events, etc.

The main goal that attracts people to Forex trading is a promise of financial freedom and an attractive lifestyle, but trading can produce an opposite effect and can sometimes become an obsession, completely draining a trader. You have to know when to trade and when to have a rest.

Setting on a schedule of your trading hours will bring a routine to your daily life, necessary for each trader to maintain a healthy and productive trading.

Time is a valuable commodity in our modern daily life. It is so full of different staff and obligations, so managing them wisely is a key to your successful trading.

Therefore if you find that you are spending too much time on analyzing the charts, there are things you can do to reduce your pressure. These rules will give you some freedom to move away from your computer screens:

1. Use price alerts and pending orders, which are probably the most important factors in saving time.
2. Focus your trading on using higher (D1) timeframes.
3. Having a certain schedule of your trading hours, and learn to stick to it.
4. Use trading apps on your smart-phone, giving you the ability to stay connected to the Forex market while you are away from your computer.

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Using these recommendations when trading the Forex market will help you monitor the markets properly without spending hours in front of the charts and look for the best trends and other trading opportunities all day long. What’s the point of watching the charts, if the prices of currency pairs are not in the area where you are supposed to start a trade? Why waste your time watching the movement of the price, if you are not going to open a trade in the near future?

Instead, let the prices do their job, and enter the market at the moment when it reaches the certain level. It will just be a time when you have to switch to graphs and hunt for your pips.

Remember that you are the main figure here, not the market! And this is you who keep a consistent and tough trading, so be patient.

Price alerts and pending orders play an important role in saving time required for the analysis of trading charts.

Thanks to modern technology and modern communication traders can trade almost anywhere they feel comfortable.

If you treat your Forex trading as a real business, you will understand the need to establish order and appropriate trading hours, knowing when to work and when to rest.

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