eToro Pays $500 for Finding a Popular Investor

etoro popular investoreToro – a social investment network has announced a special promotion where the company is ready to pay you $500 credits if you find a popular investor in its network.

Anyone can join and participate. No limitations!

Who is a popular investor?

A Popular Investor is an eToro trader who is copied and followed by other users. The more copiers and followers the traders has, the more popular he or she is.

The popular investors are usually talented and good traders who make profits trading financial markets with eToro, that’s why other people copy and follow them:

Etoro popular traders

eToro wants to encourage people to copy the best traders in its network so that eToro users could make more money using their services. That’s why the company is ready to pay $500 to anyone who spots the new talented traders to become a popular investor in eToro’s network.

What can be better than getting $500 for searching through best traders’ profiles?!

What are the terms of the promotion?

eToro’s terms for participating in this promotion and getting $500 sound like that:

All you have to do is find new potential Popular Investors, be the first to copy them and promote them on the eToro OpenBook to help them reach the 10 copiers they need to become a Popular Investor.

If you’re still copying the talent you scouted when he/she becomes a popular investor, you will automatically be rewarded with $500 eToro credits.

So all you have to do is to join eToro Social Investment Network and become a member of this great community.

Than look for the potential good traders over there who are making profits and be the first to copy them.

Recommend those traders to other people in eToro’s social community. Once your trader gets min 10 copies and joins eToro’s popular investor program with you still copying him or her, your trading account will be credited with $500 eToro credits.

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