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quill-175980_640Recently I have analyzed the eToro network of traders and investors and would like to share with you my insights on the best traders you can copy to diversify your trading portfolio and increase your chances for profits.

eToro is an investment network that combines both savvy investors and those who want to make extra income in financial markets by using the knowledge of the gurus.

If you are beginner in the Forex trading, this is your best chance to learn from the professional traders by following and copying their trading actions.

Here is the list of the best traders to copy:

noasnoas1. Noa Strijbos from Netherlands. (noasnoas)
Noa is an experienced trader and her strategy is Slow, Safe and Steady. She has over 4k copiers and over 25K followers. Noa is one of the most popular traders in eToro’s network.
She has 88% winning ratio and stands on 19% profit since the beginning of this year. (2015)

Click here to see Noa’s trading profile.

annaserafini2. Anna Serafini from South Africa (AnnaSerafini)
Anna is a full time trader. She trades mostly currencies and keeps positions for a long time. Anna is trading with eToro for the last year and currently she has 1325 copies and almost 8k followers. She has 94% winning ratio and made 72% profit since the beginning of this year (2015)

Click here to see Anna’s trading profile.

forexpro20153. Ziga Jereb from Slovenia. (ForexPro2015)
Ziga is an experienced and full time trader. He trades financial markets since 2006. Joined eToro just few months ago in February 2015. He has already generated 24% profit with 100% winning ratio! 275 traders already copy Ziga and 1166 follow him. Ziga is definitely a new rising star in eToro’s investment network and will definitely benefit your trading portfolio.

Click here to see Ziga’s trading profile.

If you want to start copying one of these traders and let him/her make you money, visit his/her profile and click on the blue button on the top right corner saying “Create a free account”.

I wish you successful copying and lots of profits.

PS. eToro’s statistics show that 85% of all copied trades are profitable.

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