How To Learn Trading Forex

learn trading forexToday I will share with you a little secret about how to learn trading Forex. It is important to mention that you will not find here some super signals or secret trading strategies.

This post will be useful especially to those people who do not expect to find an easy way to earn money and ready for serious work and willing to learn how to trade by themselves.

As you know, in order to become a professional in any field, first you need to get a relevant education and then practice. Unfortunately most beginners in online Forex trading do the opposite. First, they start trading, and then looking for helpful information and tips on how to make it profitable.

What will help you learn how to trade Forex?

Reading!!! Yes, that’s so trivial, but true. The main thing is that you need to read the really useful things; things written by successful Forex traders. Let me ask you a question: “What do successful traders write about?”. There are a lot of books written by profitable traders, who are trading in various markets. For beginners in the Forex market there is a limitless volumes of useful materials that can help you trading! If we consider all sources of information, book, in my opinion, are the best! You can find books on absolutely any subject: from trading strategies to the market analysis.

Another source of information and learning materials are Forex trading blogs. This is a more modern format, and is preferred by beginners. You can find a lot of Forex blogs on the internet. The only problem is that many blogs do not offer any useful information, the authors of such blogs simply tell some general information or just boasting their profitable transactions and something like that.

You don’t need to learn from bloggers who have no idea what is trading. Instead search for blogs, where you can benefit from its information. It seems to me that most of the traders do not want to learn how to trade Forex! Ask yourself, how many Forex books did you read? Where do you get the knowledge? I would be happy if you make an effort to read at least one Forex book. 95% of traders lose money … Because most traders read the forums! Look how many people visit popular Forex forums, and you’ll see for yourself!

No one wants to read and understand the tedious books. Blogs also require some time to read! A forum is always at hand, and you can discuss any question there! It seems like you can solve any trading problem there. But the reality is that there are no professional traders in the forums, who would be able to share the experience of successful Forex trading, on those forums you can find only beginners and losers. Who would spend time discussing things on forums?

Of course inexperienced traders who came across some problems with a broker a trading position, market analysis or just looking for a better trading strategy. Experienced traders know all these and went through all these troubles years ago, so why would they waste their time participating in forums?

To be honest, I was never fond of forums myself and I do not regret about it. I would rather spend time reading Forex books, testing and developing new trading strategies. I read so many books that you won’t believe!
As a small conclusion to this article I just want to add that if you want to learn how to trade Forex like professional traders do, read books and blogs written by successful traders, it will save you months of searching for information and thousands of your money.

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