Is Forex A Game?

Is forex a gameThere are many debates among both new and experienced traders if it worth trading Forex. Besides, when talking about Forex, novice traders say play Forex, as they think about Forex as a game where there are winners and losers. This is what distinguishes a novice trader from a professional one. A professional trader will never say play Forex, he will say trade Forex. As soon as a beginner trader realizes the whole big picture of Forex trading, he won’t call it as a game.

Forex trading as any other game is accompanied by an excitement and emotions of the participants. The biggest chances to win have the traders who have a strong character and the ability to cope with the emotions. To trade Forex you need to have as much self-control as in the poker game. Emotions are not helping the traders in Forex trading, on the contrary they can spoil your trading. Very often when a big capital is involved in the Forex trading, many traders make crucial mistakes due to their emotions. They forget one simple rule – to make profit in Forex market you need to be the master of your own capital and emotions. You need to experience as little feelings as possible when trading Forex.

So if Forex trading is compared to a game, where are the rivals? Is it a game of allies? Generally speaking Forex trading is a two-side game. One side is winning on the account of the other side that is losing. But not all participants are actually trading Forex. There are those parties who stay as the sponsors of the trading and don’t target to gain. In simple terms, not all participate in Forex for trading currencies. There are many large industrial companies that exchange currencies to purchase different products and materials abroad. Millions of tourists around the world exchange currency to go to a fascinating journey to the neighboring country. The goal of such individuals and companies is not the earnings on the currency exchange. Their target is to own a foreign currency.

What is the main prize in Forex trading game? What should you do to get it? The paradox is that to win the main prize of Forex game is impossible, it can be done only by realizing that this game is actually a serious business activity. Once a games ceases to be a game, the main prize ceases to be a prize, but becomes the expected return – income. For that reason there are only losers in the Forex game, but in Forex trading there are many successful traders. Their income depends only on the level of their training, intuition and trading experience. If you are a novice trader we wish you to through away the idea of playing Forex as a financial game and open a door to a real trading on the Forex market. This is the only way to succeed in Foreign exchange trading.

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One comment on “Is Forex A Game?
  1. CFD says:

    Forex is not a game its for people that understand the market and know how to harness its power.

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