VPS for Forex Trading. What is VPS and how to use it?

VPS for Forex TradingA list available trading tools, features and indicators is continuously growing. Previously, a wide choice of trading tools was available mostly to experienced traders, but now even Forex beginners can gain access to almost any possible trading tool and feature. The only problem is that not many traders actively monitor the market and make use of new opportunities.

In many ways, this is exactly what happens with wonderful VPS technology. For most people it seems too complicated and inaccessible. Some traders are not getting close to it due to the name that they don’t understand. Others feel more convenient trading usual way without some complications, but the fact is that the rejection of new technologies makes our life more complicated.

In order to save many traders from such prejudices and push to try something new, today we will talk about VPS, why you need it and how to get started with it, without stress and complications. The article is mostly relevant to those Forex traders who use automated trading systems, but also to those who trade manually and I believe will be able to find out a lot of new and useful things.


VPS (Virtual Private Server) is a virtual dedicated server provided for a remote user for personal use. This service is actually a hosting that is used to run websites, but thanks to virtualization of the technology the user has much more opportunities with this service.

By connecting to VPS, you get a virtual remote computer that runs 24 hours a day. The work with it is as easy as with ahome laptop, because in most cases you will have a usial desktop Windows there. You can work with your virtual computer the same way you work on a regular computer. For example, you can easily install antivirus or simply use many other programs.

The process of VPS operation and the whole device structure is quite simple. The most important component is a physical server that has a CPU, RAM, hard drive, operating system, and the ports to a specific configuration. It was always very expensive to rent a separate physical server. But now the price for such services is estimated by most web hosting providers at about $ 100 per month. For that money you get a separate physical server and you are the only owner of its capacity.

VPS for Forex

For years, Forex trading has been closely associated with the personality of the traders. Analysis of market situations, opening and closing trading are mostly done manually by the majority of Forex traders. This work always required a certain intellectual, temporal, psychological, and physical resources. In recent years, more and more attention is drawn to automated trading systems. They are widely spread among both beginners and experienced traders. For some traders this possibility gives an opportunity to make money in Forex without many efforts. Others appreciate the ability to relieve the heavy burden of psychological pressure, to close weak points of the trading strategy and trade effectively.

But there was always one limitation for working with automated systems. In order to make them work, the trading platform should run on your computer all the time. Automation can not be done perfectly if the platform does not run constantly without breaks, that may often happen on your home computer especially when you are not around. For example, if you are on vacation or out at work.

VPS service is an excellent solution to this problem. A remote computer with Internet access has precisely the qualities, that many traders were dreaming about. Let’s see why VPS is so useful in Forex trading.

1. Equipment.
For a relatively small amount, you get an access to the high-performance resources, that have great capabilities for Forex trading.

2. Software Features.
You will have a personal remote computer where you can perform usual operations, including automated trading. Installation of the terminal and its configuration will take you almost as much time as you would do with an ordinary PC.

3. Continuity.
The most important advantage of VPS for Forex trading is that it works 24/7 without stops. Thanks to this you will not miss great opportunities to open successful trades even if they take place in the middle of night. Also you will not be left out of the market during your vacation, as the full automated system will help you relax and have a good rest.

4. Access.
As the list of VPS advantages goes, it is important to mention that you can get an access to your server from any place in the world. You will make some necessary configurations for this, but the fact is that it is possible.

5. Price.
If you compare the cost of the server and potential profit you can make with it, it is clear that using VPS worth every penny. You will have not only always working trading platform but a huge resource of free time and energy that you used to spend on trading.

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