How I Make Monthly $3250 of Passive Income In Forex Trading

I live and trade Forex in Singapore. Recently, I have found out a new, easy, free and quick way to make passive income in Forex.

Forex company eToro (the broker I am trading with) launched a new application CopyTrader that every trader and investor could only dream about. Now trading Forex in Singapore, Malaysia and other countries has become very easy. And the most exciting thing is that you don’t need to have any special knowledge, skills and experience: you choose the most successful Forex traders and the system automatically copies their trades.

How it works? It is very easy like 1,2,3…

1. Register and log in to eToro OpenBook website.

2. On the ranking page of the OpenBook you will see a list of the best traders with their trading statistics.

etoro openbook

3. Click on the trader you like to open his/her profile and then press on the “Copy” button.

etoro copytrader

4. Set up the amount you want to use to copy that trader and press the button “CopyTrader”. In order to start copying you need to fund your trading account. We suggest to start from $1000, though you can start as low as $50. You can use up to 20% of your balance to copy one trader.

etoro copytrader

5. You are done. Close the window and enjoy watching your money grow.

Any time a trader you copy opens a trade, the system automatically opens the same trade for you, when a trader closes the position, the system will close your position too. You will make the same profit as the trader does in the percentage ratio. Making passive income in Forex trading in Singapore was never that easy!

I also use this moethod to make money in Forex. I trade Forex by myself too. You can use eToro CopyTrader and trade by yourself in the same trading account of eToro. To trade by yourself, click on the WebTrader button on the top of the eToro website  to login to the best trading platform eToro WebTrader.

forex trading singapore

3 comments on “How I Make Monthly $3250 of Passive Income In Forex Trading
  1. ChuSan says:

    That is awesome! I will try it by myself

  2. Daniel says:

    Sounds good. Is “logo600” good to copy? Please recommend which traders to copy in etoro.

  3. LeeKa says:

    Very good idea of investment.

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