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How I make Passive Income with eToro

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Hello, my name is Dan and I live in Singapore. Today I want to show a simple strategy that will help you make high residual income working only few minutes a day. Hard to believe? Read further and you will see how easy it is.

Before we proceed I want to tell you that this passive income strategy involves some investment as almost any other income in the world. For example if you want to work as a bank clerk you need to invest in education, and then work hard to earn your salary. With this strategy you choose the investment amount then generate passive income.

You may wonder how an ordinary man like me can make high passive income without moving a finger. The answer is the Foreign Exchange Market (Forex). In Forex you are making money by buying and selling currencies online. You are right if you think that it is boring and requires a lot of time and knowledge. That’s why instead of wasting hours for financial markets’ analysis I let others to do it and make me money with the help of eToro CopyTrader.

Without any knowledge, skills and training you can create high passive income using the knowledge and skills of others.

With eToro CopyTrader I can copy the best Forex traders and earn as much as they do. The only work I have to do is to select the most successful traders that will trade for me and generate me residual income.

Below is the print screen of my latest history stats in eToro:

webtrader ps

As you can see I am making up to 58% profits in each trading positions in this example, though my maximum passive profit was 150%  per trading position. Using my simple eToro copytrading strategy you can make this income too with little efforts. What I like about this strategy is that I don’t need to trade by myself in order to succeed in the Forex market. Thanks to eToro I can let the best traders do it for me for free.

Currently I am copying 3 successful eToro traders that you can check out as well:

AnasSleiman from Ireland

Pietia8479 from UK

Rohaann42 from Pakistan

(Although these traders show great performance in the past, it doesn’t guarantee it in the future)

Bellow I will show you step by step what I do and what you can do too to generate passive income and get monthly payouts:

Step 1 – Create an account.

In order to start you need a new account. It will take you less than a minute to register. Click here to open the registration form, fill it and click the “Start Now” button.

Step 2 – Fund your account.

After you login to your trading account, click on the deposit button and fund your account. You can deposit as much as you want, but your passive income profits will be dependent on the about you put. Minimum deposit is $50. I  suggest you to start from about $200 or more.

Step 3 – Select the traders.

Choose only the traders who are making profits for some period of time in the past. It increases the chances that they will continue making profits in the future.
I will guide you how to choose the best traders:

1. Go to the ranking page of the openbook where the best traders are listed with their trading statistics.

2. Click on the trader who has a steady income and whose statistics you like. Then press a blue “Copy” button.

3. Set up the amount from your balance to invest in the particular trader and press the “Copy Trader” button.

4. You are done. Close the window and watch your money grow Every time a trader makes profit you will make it too in your trading account automatically.

Watch the video below to learn more about eToro CopyTrader and how to use it:


Now you see how simple my passive income method is – click here and make it too.

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2 comments on “Passive Income
  1. guGaFX says:

    I started from $300 for a test and copy different traders with etoro copytrader. It works and makes me nice passive income too. I will invest more the next moth to increase the return.

  2. alex says:

    thank you for the article.
    my strategy with the copytrader is to copy different traders and monitor them on a daily basis. Thus I can focus on the traders who are making money and change them if they stop making profits.

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