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sigmaoptionlogoSecuring your financial future can include various considerations. Some people find success in fast paced environments where they can depend on instincts and strong indicators to make unstable trades to gain larger profits. Others choose to go for stock market purchases with lower risks. There may be various ways to gain from any investment field, but understanding your field and how you can maximize the opportunities presented to you can help you find the financial success you’re looking for.

Binary options trading is one field where you need to understand your best option. It is hard to enter any kind of active trading. There is a lot of information to take in, but understanding the possible tools and techniques you can use can help you maximize your trade. Of course, this includes choosing the platform where you can trade safely and profitably.

SigmaOption is binary options trading platform that can be used for institutional and private investors. The platform provides traders with an excellent trading experience in terms of user-friendliness, security, education, tools and features. SigmaOption is available 24/7 and has a team of professional brokers who can guide traders if there’s anything they don’t understand.

What SigmaOption Has To Offer?

sigmaoption platform

SigmaOption is a web-based trading platform, so traders don’t need to download anything just to start trading on it. The trading platform also has a user-friendly interface. With easy to understand instructions, trading on SigmaOption is very easy. The risk and profit ratio is also stated in options. Depositing and getting your winnings is very convenient as well.

SigmaOption aims to give traders the safest and most convenient trading platform and experience. Their execution and pricing systems use the latest technologies. Through their partnership with Reuters, a feeds provider, SigmaOption receives precise and live data streams. Their terms and conditions also define the difference between option prices and real time market price. They offer expiry graphs so that traders will understand everything that’s going on during their trade.

SigmaOption holds their client’s funds in a separate account. Traders don’t need to worry about their funds as it is used only for trading options through SigmaOption. Their collaborators consist of payment processors, specialists in risk management and derivatives and professional Forex brokers. They cover all aspects of binary options trading, so traders are assured of a great trading experience.

sigmaoption review

SigmaOption has exclusive binary option contracts. Traders are guaranteed that they can expect high returns during flat markets. All financial risk also stays capped when they trade. SigmaOption offers binary contracts ranging from thirty seconds to one week. This allows traders to make estimates on short-term markets, letting them earn immediate returns on their investment.

SigmaOption also has a wide range of assets. Traders can trade the most popular assets including stocks, indices, currencies and commodities. All transactions are also totally insured and SSL encrypted by Safecharge. All funds are kept in an EU bank account. Signing up is free. Funding an account is also easy. Trades that expire in the money allow traders to get up to ninety percent commission-free payout.

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11 comments on “SigmaOption Review
  1. Allan says:

    Thank you for this review. My friend is trading with sigma option and I am going to check it out too soon. I heard only good feedbacks about this broker.

  2. Lauren D says:

    Hi, isn’t it risky to trade binary options? Sigmaoption seems like a good broker you can trust to, but what about the trading itself? Can you loose money?

  3. admin says:

    Hi Lauren. Binary option can bear some risks especially for those traders who don’t have experience in trading. What I like about SigmaOption broker is that they do their best to help traders learn how to trade with the help of webinars, trading sessions, video courses and ebooks.

  4. David Jackson says:

    I am trading binary options since 2012. One of the most important factors of your success is the broker. I have checked sigmaoption broker and even registered a trading account with them. They look legitimate and their support is fast and helpful as well. I am thinking about funding my account in the coming days. Will post my experience with them here.

  5. David Jackson says:

    Here is my follow up feedback. I have funded my sigmaoption account with $500 and was offered a 100% bonus. I got the bonus within 1 hour to my trading account.

    The trading is fluent and without any special issues. Sigmaoption offer a good choice of assets, mostly currencies. I would like to have more stocks and commodities to choose from, though.

    After a week of trading I have gained $620 and asked for a withdrawal. I got my cashout in 5 business days as it is promised on the website.

    On my mind Sigmaoption is a good broker and I didn’t encounter any issues when trading with them. I guess I will stay with this broker for a while.

  6. admin says:

    Thank you David for your input. I find it very useful for other traders who are planning to start trading with SigmaOption.

  7. martin says:

    Thank you for the sigma option review and feedbacks, they are very helpful.

  8. golden trader says:

    I am trading with SigmaOption since May and I am very happy with their services and support. Good broker.

  9. Daniel M says:

    Great discussion. thank you for your review. What is the minimum deposit amount in SigmaOption?

  10. admin says:

    Hi Daniel,
    The minimum deposit in SigmaOption is only $250. You can also get up to 100% bonus when you start. Contact SigmaOption to get more details about it.

  11. Harvy Rossling says:

    Great review! I enjoy trading with Sigma Option, really big profit rate and overall impression is really good. My recommendations!

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