Work From Home in Singapore – Passive Income For Everyone

Work from home in Singapore. Passive IncomeDear friends, in this article we will reveal a secret of a passive income from home that everyone can make. If you want to work from home in Singapore and earn decent income online, this article is for you. This simple strategy is already proven by thousands of users that you will see by your own eyes.

Here is a step by step guide of how I make $2500 monthly by a few minutes of work from home in Singapore:

The key instrument that I use is the eToro OpenBook. OpenBook is a social network of traders and investors that work from home by trading in financial markets. The big advantage of this application is that it is a transparent and open network where each of you can see the best and successful investors and let them make you profits for free. Work from home in Singapore was never that easy and simple.

Step1: Find the most successful traders.

In the print screen below you see the ranking page of eToro OpenBook. This page shows the most successful eToro traders according to the time period, win ratio, total gain, etc.

Tip: look for the traders who earn money or gain profits for a long run (during the last 6 month or a year.)

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Step2: Copy the traders

Once you find the best traders you like in the ranking page, visit their profiles by clicking on the username of a trader. The profile will show you more detailed stats about the trader and his trading strategy. Once your doubts about the trader are cleared press on the copy button. A new window will open allowing you to choose an amount that you invest in this trader. Once submitted, the program will automatically open exactly the same trades in your trading account as your guru trader does.

Tip: Diversify your portfolio by choosing few successful traders to copy. Thus splitting your investment between few traders, gives you more chances for higher profits.

If you still have doubts choosing the traders to copy, follow the wisdom of the crowd by picking up the traders with the highest number of copiers.

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Step3: Relax and watch your money grow.

On this step your work from home ends and the period of passive income begins. You don’t need to do anything, the traders you copy will do it for you. These are trading gurus who spend years, months and hours of learning, practicing and analyzing the financial markets to make their living. Now they will do it for you for no cost.

Tip: Check the performance of the traders you copy. Increase the amount for those who make you money. You can stop copying the traders you don’t like or pick up the others to copy. You are the boss of your account.

What are you waiting for? Register for an OpenBook account now.

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  1. Tarence Wade says:

    Great Article! I like the passive income options for a couple of different reasons. Firstly you only have to do the work once, and you can keep getting paid for them.

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