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Which Indicator To Use?

There are loads and loads of indicators out there and so all the new Forex traders in Singapore are overwhelmed with the amount of information at their disposal and also at the number of indicators. They do not know which

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Scalping in Forex Trading

Today the term “scalping” became very popular among Singapore Forex traders. Especially among the newbie traders who like to do scalping when starting trading Forex. Different trading strategies of scalping are widely used by traders at the Forex and stock

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A Simple Trading Strategy – Market’s Noise Trap

Today we would like to discuss a very simple trading strategy. Perhaps this is the easiest trading system that has ever existed. This Forex trading strategy is perfect for any newbie Singapore Forex trader and we used it in our

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What Moves the Currency Rates In Forex Market

In many Singapore Forex trading forums and discussion clubs we can hear that Forex market is not the market where the prices are influenced by traders and small investors but managed by different market makers and other market’s participants. Very

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When The Market Goes Against You

Every Singapore trader who ever traded Forex or any other financial market knows that feeling of panic when the market goes against your trade and you are losing money. Unfortunately it is impossible to avoid losses and even professional traders

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