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Fundamental Analysis in Forex Trading

University of Michigan consumer confidence index. Many Singapore Forex traders use fundamental analysis when trading Forex. Most of the Forex trading platforms provide their traders with an economic calendar where traders may see and follow the major economic news release.

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A Simple Forex Trading Strategy Jarroo That You Will Like.

Hello my dear traders! It is not secret that one of the most popular trading strategies among professional traders in the Forex market is Price Action. However, Price Action strategy may seem too complicated for novice traders mainly because of

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Forex Trading – Keeping Your Trading Records

If you are a serious Forex trader from Asia, you should know and keep the whole statistics of your trading in the Forex market. It is very convenient to keep all records in an Excel table, which shows your results

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Forex Trading Strategy And Its Importance For A Singapore Forex Trader

Without any doubt Forex Trading strategy is very important for risk management for every Singapore Forex trader. Since Forex is a complex system of currency trading, it is often difficult to forecast the currencies movements. Forex is often compared to

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Daily Forex Trading Strategy for GBP/USD “Big Ben”

GBP/USD is one of the most popular currency pair in Forex trading. Traders from Singapore and other places like to trade this currency pair due to its volatility. The Forex trading strategy Big Ben is created for a currency pair

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