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Forex Trading – Keeping Your Trading Records

If you are a serious Forex trader from Asia, you should know and keep the whole statistics of your trading in the Forex market. It is very convenient to keep all records in an Excel table, which shows your results

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Which Indicator To Use?

There are loads and loads of indicators out there and so all the new Forex traders in Singapore are overwhelmed with the amount of information at their disposal and also at the number of indicators. They do not know which

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Stop-Loss: How to Set and Move It When Trading In The Forex Market

It is a fact that many Forex traders in Singapore neglect the rules of conducting the open trades. It is proved that if you have a trading strategy that guarantees 50% of profitable transactions, you can trade profitably if you

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Main Rules Of Risk Management in Forex Trading (Part II)

After publishing the article Risk Management In The Forex Market, we got feedbacks from our readers asking for providing more information about this subject. Risk management is a very important element in Forex Trading. Singapore Forex traders discuss it a

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Risk Management In The Forex Market

Since each transaction you make in the Forex market has a certain degree of risk, the knowledge and usage of general principles of risk management in the Forex market will reduce your potential losses. Some common aspects of risk control

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