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Is it Possible to Predict the Forex Market?

Indeed, there are a lot of debates in Singapore Forex forums on whether the Forex market is random, and to which extent one can predict it. I am not pretend to give a comprehensive answer on this question, the market

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How Much Time Do you Need To Trade Forex Successfully?

How long does it usually take you to study Forex charts and monitor the market? I’m sure that many new Singapore Forex traders stare to a computer screen all day long, getting stuck on the charts, drink lots of coffee

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How to Start Investing in 6 Simple Steps

In this article we will talk about some questions that every beginner investor or online trader asks. How not to lose money investing in financial markets, what first steps you need to do before you start investing, how to get

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What Is Binary Options

Recently binary options became a part of online trading as an alternative opportunity for big and small investors to make profit during a short period of time in Singapore and other countries in the world. Binary options are options that give a fixed amount of profit or no profit, depending on the condition of the expiration of an option.

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Technical Analysis As The Most Effective Analysis Of Forex Market

Technical analysis in Forex trading is used to study financial markets with a help of graphs and charts. The target of the technical analysis is to predict future price behavior. As a rule, the price forecasting is based on the

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