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Is it Possible to Predict the Forex Market?

Indeed, there are a lot of debates in Singapore Forex forums on whether the Forex market is random, and to which extent one can predict it. I am not pretend to give a comprehensive answer on this question, the market

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Gold Trading Strategy That Works

Many Singapore traders like trading Gold. In this article we will discover a simple and effective gold trading strategy that any trader with any deposit may use and make over 1000 pips in a trade. Trade gold following EUR/USD currency

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How To Choose A Singapore Forex Broker

Anyone who is looking for a Singapore Forex broker is quite likely to be confused due to the variety of choices that is in front of him. Due to the free economy of Singapore where the rules and guidelines for

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Trading System For Currency Pair EUR/CHF

If you look for a Forex trading system in the internet you will find tons of different systems that promise you hundreds of pips profit on a monthly basis. When starting trading Forex we have tested different trading systems and

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Reverse Orders Trading Strategy – Ideal For The Beginners

In this article we would like to introduce you to a very simple and effective trading strategy – trading with reverse orders. As sometimes Singapore Forex trading is very complicated many new Singapore traders don’t know how to approach it

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