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False breakouts of the important levels in Forex trading

For many traders who use technical analysis in their Forex trading platforms a breakdown of an important level is a signal to enter the market. Unfortunately, very often such a breakdown is false, and after reaching a top point the

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How to Use Economic Calendar in Forex Trading

All financial markets, including Forex, always respond to the important economic news and events. That’s why many Singapore Forex traders are looking for important economic news in order to open trading positions. Usually before the release of the news, some

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Technical Analysis For The New Forex Traders

Any new Singapore Forex trader may have an access to unlimited information about Forex trading, Forex strategies, etc. In this article we are going to present a technical analysis as one of the most popular ways to analyze the Forex

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Fundamental Analysis Of The Forex Market

All Forex traders can be divided into two categories: traders who are interested in long-term currency fluctuations, and traders who pay attention on the short-term changes. In order to predict the behavior of the Forex market and currency rates, traders

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Basic Rules Of Money Management In Forex Market.

Many traders, especially the beginner Singapore Forex traders, mostly focus their attention on technical or fundamental analysis of the market. They decide when it is better to enter the market, and when to leave it and absolutely do not think

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