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10 Tips for A Novice Currency Exchange Singapore Trader.

A beginner currency exchange trader is very enthusiastic and often anticipates making huge profits for a short time of trading. Only a few novice Singapore traders show rationality and ask themselves a question, “Why there are so many traders, but

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Stop-Loss: How to Set and Move It When Trading In The Forex Market

It is a fact that many Forex traders in Singapore neglect the rules of conducting the open trades. It is proved that if you have a trading strategy that guarantees 50% of profitable transactions, you can trade profitably if you

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Forex Trading in Singapore

Everyone knows that Singapore is one of the biggest financial centers in Asia. For that reason Forex business is rapidly growing and gaining popularity among Singapore traders on a daily basis. Such terms as investment, Forex brokers, Forex trading, Forex

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Forex Trading App Now Available for iPhone, Android and Blackberry

Trading is all very well and good when you are at home with the comfort of your computer, however what do you do when you want to trade on the move? Well, now there is a way, as Vantage FX

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Forex Indicators: Moving Average

As you know, the moving average or as it is also called the dynamic average is one of the most widely used indicators in technical analysis. Like any trend-following indicator, moving average works well during the development of a new

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