Is It Possible To Create An Ideal Trading System?

Is it possible to create an ideal trading system?Every trader’s dream is to create an automatic trading system that would trade by itself and make you profit. There are many traders who rush forward buying different automated trading systems hoping to increase their capital without having any trading skills and knowledge. Unfortunately not every trading system is good and profitable.

It doesn’t matter how many attempts were done to create the ideal trading system. Until now all the existing trading systems don’t give stable income. Foreign exchange market Forex is a mixture of a variety of financial events, economic situation and the nature of a trader. Theoretically it is impossible to create a single strategy that would include all these aspects. Some experts believe that the most successful trading strategy is the one that includes as little parameters as possible, but the tests show that this approach doesn’t give the wished results too.

Needless to say how much money and hours were spent on creation and testing of an ideal trading system that would guarantee profit on Forex trading. Every day millions of traders, mostly the beginners, loose a lot of funds trading with the automated systems. We don’t mean that non-systematic trading has more chance to succeed – absolutely not. The thing is that when the trading decision depends on a leaving person sometime its results are much better than that of a robot.

According to our researches, the best potential and results show the alerts and signals in the swing trading. If you look at the charts, you will see that the currency price always goes up and down. Successful optimization of parameters of the indicator can give accurate signals to buy or sell at the peaks of currency’s progression. Using the small orders of 10-15 pips on the minute chart, may give you a good result in a short period of time. Please notice that this way of trading is called scalping, when you open a lot of short term positions. Not every broker allows scalping, so before you use this technique, be sure that your broker will not ask you to close a trading account.

Hopes associated with a large enrichment in a short time with minimal effort excite the minds of many online Forex traders. If you are using a trading system that doesn’t work for you, don’t think that there was a mistake in the code upon its creation. Until today most experienced programmers are not giving up on finding a universal trading system that brings a stable income. Every naïve newbie needs to know and remember that Forex trading is a complicated and sophisticated thing that is not so easy to automate. The most successful trading system may be reached on emotionless calculations and long experience. Before you try to create a trading system, you need to spend many years on studying the Forex market and the language of programming.

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