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Everyone who joins Forex market wants to make a good income. Though Forex trading in Singapore is a very popular type of business, it is very hard to make income in Forex. Make profit in Forex is a target of every Singapore trader but in order to do it, you must learn to develop a trading system and follow it.

First of all, as a trader you have to decide what amount of the investment you can afford to lose. Of course, this amount is very individual for every trader and depends on his financial ability and psychological stability. It is proven on the experience of the past generations of the traders that it is not reasonable to risk more than 2% of your current deposit in open positions.

Some time ago the maximum recommended risk was no higher than 1%. So, if you have created your own trading system and you received a sign for the entrance to the market and you open a position, your maximum possible losses in case if the market goes against your predicted direction, must not exceed 1-2% of the amount in your trading account.

You may ask why we began talking about the losses and the damage that can be made to our deposit. First, because nobody, even the most advanced traders can not avoid losses on individual positions. Secondly, the main target of the trader in the beginning of trading experience should be defined as survival in the currency market, and be able to stay on the surface as long as possible in this risky business.

A very important issue in the work of a trader, is to learn to reduce the risks and earn in the market, that can be done by a precise setting of stop orders and organized management. When entering the market your trading system should clearly show where to place stop loss and take profit orders. While trading, the trader must follow the rules of his trading system, avoiding unreasonable improvisation.

During the trading, in the process of continuous monitoring of the trading system a trader can make some decisions on the change of stop orders. If the market goes to the expected direction and has already brought some profit, but the trading system continues to send signals about the constancy of direction, the trader may want to move the stop loss order to breakeven position (at the level of opening position), and change the take profit order from current levels in order to attempt more profit.

In case where the trading system gives clear signs about the change of the trend, the trader must quickly take action for correcting damages. There is no need to wait until the price of the currency pair will reach the stop loss level. It is senseless to move the stop loss further expecting that the currency direction will be changed. In most cases it causes you even more losses.

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